A gradual easing of measures in place to contain the COVID-19 pandemic since January 10, begins on Monday, in Cyprus.

On Sunday, 106 new coronavirus cases were reported with the positivity rate dropping to 0.37%.

As of today, barbershops, hairdressers and beauty salons will re-open, there will be an increase from 25% to 50% in the percentage of personnel who may have a physical presence in private service businesses, without a minimum and maximum number of people. A prohibition of having house guests continues with the exception of up to two persons visiting, provided they are 1st and 2nd degree relatives.

Starting on Monday February 8, pupils at public and private primary schools as well final-year students in secondary education return to class, while retail shops, including department stores and shopping centres resume operation. Betting shops also reopen but without the use of tables and seating arrangements.

Furthermore, museums and other archaeological sites open their gates while religious services may be held with a maximum of up to 50 people present, in compliance with the health protocols, while house gatherings will be allowed with four persons permitted to visit a household.

In view of the easing of restrictions authorities have launched an increased testing strategy focusing on both testing among the population as well as people returning to their jobs. The Ministry allocated increased mobile testing units with increased testing hours boosting its daily testing capacity to 20,000.
SMS movement permit is maintained, with two sms per day. Furthermore, in a bid to avert congestion, the Ministry of Health has banned access to nature trails, forests and mountainous areas.

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