The European Union included on Wednesday two traditional Cypriot products produced in the village of Pitsillia (the sausage and lountza of Pitsillia) in the  list of EU-protected geographic indications (PGIs).

The Ministry of Agriculture of Cyprus has welcomed this development noting in a press release that this contributes to the further strengthening of the economy and local development, with the production of value-added products and the use of exclusively local wines and promotes the area of Pitsilia, and all its excellent products. 

According to the European Commission, the sausage of Pitsillia (Loukaniko Pitsilias) is a pork product, aged, smoked, and marinated in wine, from the Pitsilia region, while Lountza Pitsilias is a refined product made from dried meat, brine, smoked and marinated in wine, prepared from pork tenderloin.

“Production know-how has remained unchanged and has been passed down from generation to generation; it is still used today in the modern facilities of producers in the Pitsilia region”, the Commission says.

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