Cyprus Health Ministry announced on Sunday the death of a COVID-19 patient and 123 new coronavirus cases (positivity rate:0.35%) after carrying out 35,241 tests.

The patient who died, with COVID-19 being the final cause of death, is a 87-year-old man, with underlying health problems, who passed away in Famagusta General Hospital.

The number of COVID-19 patients who died is 221, while the number of confirmed coronavirus cases now stands at 32,513.

Meanwhile, 87 COVID-19 patients are receiving treatment in hospital. The situation of 28 of them is critical. Thirteen are intubated, eight are receiving treatment in an Intensive Treatment Unit, but are not intubated, and seven are receing treatment in an Increased Care Unit.

According to the Health Ministry’s press release out of the 221 patients who have lost their lives 149 are men (67%) and 72 are women (33%). Their median age is 79 years old.

Out of the 35,241 tests carried out on Sunday, 993 were done using the PCR method and 34,308 using antigen rapid tests. 

The 123 COVID-19 cases were traced as follows: 47 cases out of 252 samples taken in the framework of tracing the contacts of already confirmed cases, three cases out of 304 samples taken at the private initiative, three cases out of 147 samples taken by the General Hospitals` Microbiological Labs, two cases out of 89 samples tested at private clinical labs using antigen rapid tests, and 68 cases out of 34,219 samples tested using antigen rapid tests, in the framework of the Health Ministry`s programme. 

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