Replies to journalist’s questions by the General Secretary of AKEL A.Kyprianou on the pandemic, developments on the Cyprus problem and Britain’s “ideas”
AKEL C.C. Press Office, 27th February 2021, Nicosia
On the pandemic
“During last Wednesday’s meeting at the Presidential Palace I said there too, that are a number of problems need to be addressed by the government in a different way.
First and foremost, the government ruling forces need to start listening to the views expressed by the epidemiologists. It is inconceivable for the epidemiologists to be saying that numerous activities can be carried out, such as for example social and political activity, as long as the specific protocols are followed, while at the same time the government is saying that it cannot implement this because it doesn’t have sufficient policing or surveillance capabilities. The government must find ways to follow the implementation of health protection protocols, whilst ensuring that human rights and fundamental freedoms are respected.
Secondly, the large number of patients cannot be an apparition in the public health sector. There needs to be cooperation with the private sector as well for more beds to be secured so that we won’t be told that the public sector has reached its limits and that we are obliged to close all the activities of society.
On the vaccine issue
And the third point is the issue of vaccines. You are right to point out – and I said it on Wednesday at the meeting with the President, that the supply of vaccines from the EU is an issue and on that let me point out that many mistakes were made. We demand full transparency in the procedures followed and the assumption of responsibilities where and wherever they belong. At the same time, of course, we consider that the EU procedures are one thing and the complementary procedures that each state should follow to solve the problems are another thing. Therefore the government needs to turn to other markets too – which I understand the vaccines are in the process of being approved by the EU. That is precisely why we need to be able to put in an order promptly so that as soon as they are approved, people can move freely across the EU.”
Developments on the Cyprus problem
“What we expect to happen will depend on what position the various sides will take, first and foremost of course the Turkish side, which is unacceptably insisting on positions that cannot constitute a basis for starting any process. As far as the Greek Cypriot side is concerned, however, how it will act is very important. It must act in a way that, on the one hand, removes any pretexts from the Turkish side and, on the other hand, creates preconditions that will push and force Turkey and the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot community to return to the agreed basis for a solution to the Cyprus problem. That must be Mr. Anastasiades’ goal. AKEL had submitted a comprehensive proposal on December 8th on how this could be achieved. Unfortunately so far we have not had any response. We are waiting to see what Mr. Anastasiades will do, because as you understand he is the one responsible for the handling of the Cyprus problem. I do not hide from you that we are extremely worried about everything that has been discussed in recent days.
On the British “ideas” on the Cyprus problem
Permit me to say something about the British ideas because I hear so much being said that AKEL supposedly rejects them because they come from Britain. This is utter nonsense. AKEL rejects the specific ideas because of the very content they have, a content which if adopted will lead to confederation. Well, AKEL will never ever accept neither a two state solution, nor confederation. I think AKEL has made that perfectly clear for many years.
Our consistent position today too is that the only thing we are discussing is a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality as described by the United Nations. We have accepted political equality since 1991 as the Republic of Cyprus and we wonder why we need to open a discussion on issues related to political equality today.”

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