CNA – CYPRUS/Nicosia 03/02/2021 09:32
Cyprus Police reported 200 citizens and 6 establishment owners in a total of 13,503 checks island wide for violations of COVID measures.

A police officer from the Police Press Office told the Cyprus News Agency that 17 citizens were reported for violations of the curfew in place, 33 for not sending an sms for their movements, 25 for riding a car without an sms, 41 for not wearing a face mask in a vehicle, 68 for not wearing a mask in public places and other violations of the decree for COVID.

In Nicosia the Police conducted 3,251 checks and fined an establishment owner and 71 citizens, in Limassol the Police carried out 4,494 checks and reported 61 citizens, in Larnaka the checks were 1,233 and 17 people were fined and in Paphos the Police carried out 1,136 checks and fined 5 owners of establishments and 11 citizens.

In Famagusta the Police carried out 1,168 checks and fined 34 citizens , in Morphou the checks were 725 and 1 citizen was fined. The Traffic Department carried out 1,234 checks and fined 5 citizens. The Emergency Response Unit carried out 217 checks without reporting anyone. Marine Police also did not report anyone in a total of 45 checks.

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