A total of 56,971 vaccinations against Covid-19 have been carried until February 17, in Cyprus and the vaccination programme proceeds on track according to the National Vaccination Plan, the Ministry of Health said in a press release.
According to the Ministry, of the total vaccinations carried out so far, 37,750 concern persons, who received first dose, and 19,221 were persons completed two doses, while 43,000 vaccinations concern elderly persons.
The Ministry said that the aim is to conclude vaccination of persons over 70 years, health professionals and patients included in certain vulnerable groups in the coming two weeks.
With regard to vulnerable group vaccination, the Ministry said that following advice of the ad hoc Committee it is prioritising vaccination coverage of certain patients such as patients with thalassemia, patients undergoing hemodialysis and patients with severe chronic renal deficiency.
A total of 452 patients of these groups were vaccinated with the first dose, while other vulnerable groups are being prioritised such as patients with a transplant history.
The Ministry said that Cyprus expects to receive in March a total of 130,440 doses from all three EMA-licensed vaccines, Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Moderna.
Moreover, the Ministry said it is starting at-home vaccinations for patients not able to move utilising mobile vaccination units, while vaccination portal is open for persons over 74 years.
Cyprus has set up nine vaccination centres in all districts with 20 vaccination crews with two large vaccination centres already operating in Nicosia and Limassol. The Ministry said it has identified areas to set up similar vaccination centres in Larnaca and Pafos expected to be operational in the coming days.
With full vaccination deployment Cyprus has a capacity of 15,000 vaccinations per day, the Ministry said.

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