A technical working group met last week with a view to finalise, by the end of February, Cyprus` 2021 action plan for promoting Cyprus` wine branding and for boosting its export potential through other long-term actions as well. 

In statements at CNA, Energy, Commerce and Industry Minister, Natasa Pilides, said that that the aim is for opinions with regard to the 2021 action plan to be submitted within next week and to “finalise the plan by the end of the month in order to come into effect immediately,” noting that in this way the Cypriot wine is highlighted as a product with great prospects. 

Pilides said that the general aim is to upgrade the Cypriot wine and increase its consumption both domestically and abroad.

The technical working group comprises, among others, officers from the Energy, Commerce and Industry Minister, the Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment Ministry, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation and various associations, as well as the Cyprus Wine Producers Association. 

The Minister also said that a three-year plan will be drafted, which will be implemented in parallel with the 2021 plan, which will provide for immediate actions. She explained that the three-year plan will include broader strategic actions for which more time will be needed as regards their implementation.

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