Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou on Sunday said that adherence to all Covid protocols is extremely important in order to avoid a setback and praised the citizens` cooperation, which led to good epidemiological figures. He noted that we must continue to follow the measures that will allow the authorities to announce new relaxations, adding that the next days are crucial.

Ioannou wrote on his twitter account that we are optimistic because of Cyprus` good figures and this is because of the cooperation of citizens, employees and business owners. He noted that we must continue the effort so that we could gradually move to the next level of the measures` relaxation in a safe environment.

The Minister also pointed out that the new strains of the virus as well as other factors should prompt us to continue showing a vigilant stance.

He also said that rapid testing of the population, contact tracing and vaccinations are an efficient way to contain the pandemic and this strategy is also followed by other countries.

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