World-renowned doctor and fetal medicine pioneer, Professor Kypros Nicolaides, has joined NEPOMAK’s healthcare heroes to encourage young diaspora Cypriots to get the COVID vaccine when possible. The video also asks young people to speak to their elderly relatives about the vaccine to ensure they have accurate information and know how to navigate the process.

In the video, Professor Nicolaides says that “the whole world has been suffering from the terrible COVID pandemic… however we are at the beginning of a hopeful period where, through vaccination, I hope we will overcome this terrible pandemic and put it behind us”. In a powerful appeal, he also said, “I beg you, I urge you, to get vaccinated and encourage your parents and grandparents to do so because they are in the most vulnerable position.”

Dr Athena Michaelides, originally from South Africa but now working in London, and Registered Nurse Andriana Karahalios (San Jose, USA) spoke about their experience having had two doses of the vaccine already. Athena said she “feels much safer and reassured” having had the vaccine and Andriana said it was “quick and easy”.

Dr Katerina Achilleos (Johannesburg, South Africa) warned that “COVID can cause severe illness and long-term consequences in people of all ages” and said that the best way of getting protected was by “getting the vaccine and following health protocols.” Dr Maria Lazarou (Birmingham, UK) and registered nurse Ellie Zachariades (New Jersey, USA) echoed this and said that getting vaccinated will help protect you, your loved ones and those you interact with the most.

Dr Christiana Georgiou (London, UK) and medical student Dimitris Georgiou (Johannesburg, South Africa) spoke about the importance of supporting elderly relatives during the vaccination process. Christiana said, “your Yiayia and Bappou and other elderly relatives might not have the same access to information as you do, so please talk to them about the vaccination.” Dimitris added, “elderly relatives may struggle to understand the vaccination process or how to get the vaccine. Give them a call and see if you can help them out!”

Professor Nicolaides also deplored the emergence of fake news and misinformation around the vaccine and categorically said that he has seen “no scientific evidence whatsoever against the vaccines and that he was personally very excited to have already had the vaccine”. Medical student Chris Constantinou (Boston, USA) also warned against fake news and advised people to get their information from trusted sources such as public health institutions or their GP.

Dr Katerina Christodoulides (New Jersey, USA) concluded the video by saying that she “started working as a doctor in the middle of the pandemic and it has been relentless. Getting vaccinated will relieve pressure on healthcare systems so we can ensure full care for patients with other serious illnesses.”

The video is available to view on NEPOMAK’s social media channels – @NEPOMAK

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