The number of coronavirus cases and deaths is decreasing in the UK 10 UK Cypriots have died this week due to the coronavirus.

In London, 12 community members succumbed to the coronavirus in the last week. 3 Greek Cypriots and 9 Turkish Cypriots.

To date, we estimate 642 UK Cypriots (Greek, Turkish and Maronite) in total have died from Coronavirus. The figure includes 592 in London and 48 outside London. Parikiaki’s figures are arrived after contacting local hospitals, Churches and Turkish Cypriot media and community, funeral directors and death announcements that have come to our newspaper

The total fatalities now include 314 UK Greek Cypriots, 279 UK Turkish Cypriots and one UK Maronite Cypriot, all from London. Included are 12 cases of married couples, two cases of two brothers and two cases of fathers and sons and one of mother and daughter and four under 40 years old.

Outside London, there were twelve UK Greek Cypriots and one UK Turkish Cypriot from Birmingham, three UK Greek Cypriots from Weston-super-Mare, who were all from the same family, one from Derby, one from Lowestoft, one from Cambridge, two from Cheltenham, six UK Greek Cypriots and one UK Maronite from Liverpool , one UK Greek Cypriot from Luton, one from Southend, one from Glasgow, one from Newport, two from Leeds, one from Hemel Hempstead, one from Manchester one from Middlesborough, one from Margate and one from Wakefield one from Leicester, one from Mansfield and two from Coventry and one from Cardiff. Four UK Turkish Cypriots, one each from Colchester, Maidstone, two Northampton and Suffolk, passed away, bringing the total number of UK Cypriot deaths outside London to 48

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