As beauty salons are still closed, many beauty treatments are still being done at home. You may be able to get away with hiding body treatments under clothing, but when it comes to facial treatments, it is a little more difficult to get away with. So whether you are zooming or video calling, be at your best with outstanding eye focus attraction. Eyebrows frame the shape of the face, so don’t let them go neglected; keep them neat and tidy to enhance your face shape.
In salons, eyebrows are usually shaped by threading, waxing or good old fashioned plucking. Threading is a little difficult to do on yourself and best left to the professionals. Waxing can be mastered and done with a little careful practice. Plucking may be a little more time consuming, but you are less likely to pull out wanted hair by accident and it’s probably the easiest to do.
Waxing home kits can be obtained from many supermarkets and chemists, or online, at very reasonable prices. There are pre-waxed strips that are easy to use and there is hot wax that needs no strips but is heated and melted in a small pot on the stove or microwave – both are applied with a spatula and pulled off by hand. Some good products to try are Veet face wax strips or oriental wax for melting, and Smooth appeal wax facial hair kit.
In all methods of hair removal, there are some basic rules to follow to avoid any bad after effects or infection. The thing to remember is to apply antiseptic cream afterwards, avoid wetting the area and avoid application of make up straight after. Ideally, it should be avoided for 24 hours but the absolute minimum would be five hours, this is because the pores of the skin are open after hair removal and more susceptible to infection.
Eyebrows are present not only to frame the face aesthetically, but more importantly, to actually protect the eyes from water or any dust – remember this when shaping and avoid too thin or almost complete removal – a fuller brow works best for protection, is still glamorous and can look more natural.

Eyebrow shape – Pick your desired eyebrow shape that will frame your face shape. A square face shape should aim for arched, angular eyebrows to lengthen and soften the facial shape; For round face shape, arched eyebrow to lengthen the face shape; and for oval face shape,
angular eyebrow to add a little dimension.

Highest point of brow – When shaping, it is important to remember the highest point of the eyebrow is found by holding an orange wood beauty stick or thin artist’s brush in front of the eye, whilst looking straight ahead. Keeping in line with the pupil of the eye, straight above should be the highest point.

Start and end of brow – Start line: Use an orange wood beauty stick or brush and hold from inner corner of the eye to nose or mouth. It will alter slightly when using nose or mouth. Pluck any stragglers beyond the preferred guide line at the centre above nose area.
End line: Use an orange wood stick or thin brush and hold from corner of nose or mouth. One will give a slightly longer brow end. Follow your preferred measurement and remove any beyond your chosen measurement guide.

Hot waxing –
1.Make sure the area is clean and dry.
2. Apply talc or pre-wax lotion to protect the skin and help the wax adhere to the hair.
3. Using a spatula, apply the wax in the DIRECTION of hair growth. This is usually outwards on the eyebrows towards temple, and upwards above the nose at centre of any possible joining of brows for some. The wax will harden and dry set. It will remain a little flexible. When set it should be quickly pulled off AGAINST the direction of hair growth.
4. After hair removal, apply an antiseptic cream or lotion using a sterile tissue pad or cotton wool.

Waxing strips –
1. Ensure the eyebrow area is clean and dry. Apply any pre-wax lotion if provided.
2. Apply wax in direction of hair growth.
3. Pull off the wax strip against the direction of hair growth.

Tweezer method –
1. Ensure the eyebrow area is clean and dry.
2. Warm the eyebrow area with some comfortably hot cotton wool pads to open the pores and aid ease of hair removal, or do straight after bath or shower.
3. Pluck individual straggly hair in the direction of hair growth. Work from the underneath, methodically, as though it were in horizontal lines, as this will give a clear visual guide of progress without over plucking into an uneven shape.
4. Apply antiseptic cream with sterile tissue or cottonwood pad.

Wow what a brow!

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

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