A poker games night at an N16 property was shut down on Tuesday night for breaching the Covid regulations.

Shortly before 18:45hrs on Tuesday, 2 February, officers were called to an address on Foulden Road, following concerns from local residents. In the basement of a flat, a group of men had set up a number of different gambling tables, to play poker and use other gambling machines.

Those there claimed this gambling night was a wake, claims which were not substantiated in any way. As a result, 25 people are now facing a possible £800 fine for breaking the rules designed to prevent the spread of the virus.

PC Aimee Murton, from the local Covid enforcement team, said: “This was a foolish and ignorant event to hold. Those there risked spreading the virus, which has already claimed countless lives across our city.

“Because of their selfish actions, they are each now facing an £800 fine. I would urge each of those who attended this gambling night seriously consider their actions, otherwise they could face an even higher fine for further breaches.”

Officers report offenders for potential Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) using a digital system. These reports are checked centrally by the Met to ensure the necessary information is included and there is sufficient evidence to support the alleged offence.

The reports are then sent on to ACRO (Criminal Records Office) where they are reviewed again before ACRO issues the appropriate FPN to the recipient by post. If the recipient is identified as a repeat offender, the fixed penalty may increase.

Recipients who fail to pay the fixed penalty will be summonsed to court where they can challenge it. Where the FPN is upheld, the court will set the fine and may add court costs.

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