Due to the ever-increasing demands on the NHS for more blood, this was a great opportunity to help facilitate their sessions within the local community.

Vasita Chhabhadiya, Business Support Officer at NHS Blood & Transplant said,

β€œI would like to thank The Hive London for letting us use their Amber Lounge for hosting our blood donation sessions. Due to the pandemic, we have lost so many donation venues due to social distancing. Because of this, we have had to cut down on the number of beds we put up which means our blood collection numbers are low.

“Fortunately, we were able to use the Hive and their Amber lounge which is a very nice space; clean and fit for purpose. All the staff at the Hive were very friendly and helpful when setting up the session.”


Alex Kaye, Commercial Manager at The Hive London said,

β€œIt was a pleasure to host the NHS Blood & Transplant team for their blood donation sessions. As such a key sector within the NHS, we were very happy to be able to help accommodate them and play our part. Adding this to our ongoing efforts to facilitate the NHS’ vaccination centre, we are immensely proud of everything we have achieved during the pandemic.”

If you want to give blood or get involved, you can find out more at the following links:



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