Erdogan’s inflammatory statements are a provocation against the Cypriot people. They clash with international law and the Resolutions of the UN Security Council that define the basis for the negotiation and solution of the Cyprus problem. At the same time, they undermine the forthcoming informal meeting convened by the UN Secretary-General.

The two-state solution is not an option for Cyprus. Any kind of partitionist solution will signal the beginning of new dangerous adventures for our people. For the Greek Cypriots, it will mean the loss of half of their homeland forever. For the Turkish Cypriots, it will mean the gradual extinction of their community. Partition will provoke a new cycle of permanent tension and insecurity on the island, with unforeseen dangers. Every Cypriot, Greek Cypriot or Turkish Cypriot, who loves his/her homeland, must unequivocally reject the idea of ​​a two-state solution.

AKEL sends the message in every direction that it will never consent to a solution of confederation or to a two state solution in Cyprus. The only option is the solution of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality, as defined by the Resolutions of the UN Security Council. The only way to achieve this goal is the resumption of the negotiations from the point where they had remainecd at Crans Montana on the basis of the Guterres Framework and the convergences that have been recorded.

Only the liberation and reunification of our homeland and people can guarantee a future of peace and security for future generations in our country.

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