Whilst supermarkets are encouraging customers, and rightly so, to wear masks while inside the shops, I have recently noticed at one particular supermarket, that on entering, the hand gel dispenser was empty, as was the disinfectant for the trolley, and there was no tissue available to wipe down the trolley had there been any disinfectant available. In addition, on leaving the supermarket, again the hand gel disinfectant dispenser was empty.
I wonder how many hands before me touched the pump without getting any hand gel or disinfectant.
I do not trust anybody anymore, I carry my own hand gel just to be on the safe side and would ask each and every resident to do the same.
After over a year of Covid-19, it is about time we try to get it right if we are serious enough in getting out of this crisis.
Kind regards
Cllr. George A Savva
Cabinet Member for Licensing and Regulatory Services

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