The EU expects from Turkey, not only positive statements, but also a tangible de-escalation that will not be accompanied by irritations to Member States, Peter Stano, European Commission and the EEAS spokesman stated today.

Asked about his assessment of the recent positive statements from the Turkish side regarding the rapprochement with the EU, the spokesman of the Commission and the EEAS explained that “next week there will be a meeting between HRVP Borrell and Turkish Foreign Minister M.Cavusoglu who comes to Brussels, on Thursday the 21st.”
He noted that “they will talk on how to bring these positive signs and declared willingness into concrete action, because this is what we are expecting actually and we have been expecting from the Turkish side for months, to see concrete actions that lead to de- escalation of the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the relations between the EU and Turkey, and that would lead to re- establishing an atmosphere and dialog of cooperation and mutually beneficial constructive engagement without provoking individual member states within the EU”.
Stano added that “regarding the latest reconciliatory positive statements from Turkey, of course it is nice to hear all these intentions but as the HRVP already said in December, while we welcome these positive announcements regarding Turkey’s relations with Europe and the ideas on how Turkey wants to renew the cooperation with Europe it is always very important to see those intentions and statements translated into concrete action”.
 And concrete actions, he said, “means de-escalation, refraining from unilateral actions irritating our member states, and we hope that the videoconference with President Erdogan last weekend and the next week’s visit of FM Cavusolgu in Brussels will be exactly activities in this direction.”

Invited to elaborate further on the issue, Peter Stano later added that what is important is facts and the EU position. “And the EU position has been expressed on various occasions on the relations between EU and Turkey. I think it is quite clear that we are waiting for actions from Turkey and a constructive attitude, and this is very important for us and de- escalation. I think it is in the interest of both sides the EU and Turkey to have constructive positive relations, because we need an environment of constructive dialog so as to move forward our relations, to benefit the people of the EU, but also the people of Turkey”.
He further said that “we are partners, we are partners in a lot of fields, but it’s the only way for us to have a situation which is a win-win situation.  So, the EUs position is very clear on that, yes it is good to hear all of these very positive declarations, but at the  same time what is really important are facts, specific facts and actions and efforts to de – escalate and re- establish an constructive dialog with the EU and with all member states of the UE that is important as well.”

Finally, invited to comment on the upcoming bilateral talks between Turkey and Greece he noted: “We support that decision, it is something we had in the past already, it’s a very important aspect when it comes to improving relations between the EU and Turkey. We have stated repeatedly that what’s important is to resolve any bilateral disputes or issues via dialog, so we welcome the news on negotiations there and hope for constructive discussion with concrete results”.

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