The President’s televised address to the nation confirmed that Nikos Anastasiades does not remain simply unrepentant, but is also out of touch with reality. Instead of apologizing to citizens for the unprecedented discrediting our country has suffered all over the world, he tried to shift the responsibilities on everyone else.
It is tragic that a President who has led Cyprus to the point of disrepute does not understand the damage he is causing to the country. Never before has corruption in our country reached such unprecedented levels as in the days of the Anastasiades-DISY government.
• Doesn’t Mr. Anastasiades listen to his Ministers in the Committee of Inquiry on the golden passports scheme who are blaming each other?
• Doesn’t Mr. Anastasiades remember that he is the one who clashed with the European Commission about the recommendations it itself made for Cyprus?
• Doesn’t he remember that he himself was claiming that we have the supposedly “strictest program in Europe”?
• That he characterized those who were issuing warnings and revealing scandals as enemies of Cyprus?
• That his government and the ruling DISY party were even rejecting the approval of Regulations for the golden passports program?
• That just last July the ruling DISY party in Parliament voted against all the stricter measures suggested by the Parliamentary Internal Affairs Committee to the program?
All this wasn’t happening by chance. The government ruling forces, led by President Anastasiades, wanted to continue with the feast forever.
Worst of all, however, is that Mr. Anastasiades:
• refuses to provide an answer for the conflict of interest of both himself and his Ministers in the case of the “golden” passports scheme.
• refuses to talk about his law firm and his family businesses which benefited financially from the decisions approved by his government.
• refuses to talk about the hundreds of citizenship applications submitted by law firms associated with members of his government.
• about the free trips with his Saudi tycoon friend’s private jet to the Seychelles.
• about the cash outflows of in-laws during the period of the haircut on bank deposits.
• about the transactions with the Archbishop.
• about the conviction of his friend former deputy Attorney General Rikos Erotokritou, whom he defended in court.
These are not rumors or propaganda, as the President of the Republic states. It is the stark reality.
As the President and the government have no answers, they prefer a monologue in order to avoid replying to any “annoying” questions.
The government ruling forces need to realize that society is accumulating resentment and anger over their actions.
The measures on the pandemic may prevent mass demonstrations and reactions, but that can’t go on.
The people’s rage will erupt

Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Stefanos Stefanou on the President’s televised address to the nation


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