The majority of sms movement requests which residents in the Republic of Cyprus sent on Wednesday concerned shopping of essential goods. The number of requests approved was 311,400.

More specifically the main reason for which citizens requested permission to go out, amid a lockdown aiming to prevent the spread of COVID-19, was shopping or getting supplies of essential goods and services (category 2). The second most popular reason was for any other reason that may be justified under the lockdown measures (category 8) and the third one was for physical exercise (category 6).

According to data released by the Deputy Ministry for Innovation and Digital Policy, a total of 335,594 sms were sent, out of which 315.586 were valid. Out of those 311.400 were approved.

As of 5am Sunday, in order to move around for purposes other than to go to work, the public have to send a text message and get permission and can do so twice a day. Movement is prohibited from 21:00p.m. to 5:00a.m. of the next day.

The sms requests approved for going to a pharmacy, visiting a physician or for blood donation or laboratory testing for Covid-19 or for vaccination at the vaccination centres were 31,122.

The requests approved for going to a shop for essential goods/services, including take away were 124,653 and for going to the bank for transactions not available online 5,086.

For strictly necessary visits to public services or services of the wider public sector and local authorities 5,181 sms requests were approved and for helping people who cannot take care of themselves or people who must protect themselves or who are in self-isolation and/or in places of compulsory isolation (quarantine) 22,454 requests.

The requests approved for physical activity or individual sports practiced in areas were access is permitted were 59,752 and for going to a ceremony (e.g. funeral, wedding, christening) of first and second degree relatives not exceeding 10 people or for individual prayer 1,233.

For any other reason that may be justified under the lockdown measures (by presenting the necessary proof for each case) a total of 61,919 sms were approved.

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