Doctors and nurses deserve our applaud every day of the year not just once a week.
There is another section of public servants who day and night are on the front line putting themselves in danger in an effort to protect the public.
These council workers are facing all kind of hostilities just because they are trying to offer advice to businesses shopkeepers etc to follow the rules and regulations which are set for a proper lockdown. Those who ignore their advice following a second warning are issued a fine and rightly so.
The situation has become unbearable to the point that the council is working with the police and martials who are all now fitted with body cams.
Lockdown should mean lockdown and there should not be any exceptions of any kind.
The virus does not recognise any kind of building or businesses but hits indiscriminately. There should not be any ifs or buts, or any kind of excuses.
If we want to beat this pandemic, then we should follow the advice offered by experts and respect these public servants who are out to protect us and our families. It makes sense to follow the instructions otherwise we stand to lose more lives.
Let’s prioritise the welfare and safety of our residents, the support for those unsung heroes on the front line. They have my support and condemn the unacceptable and irresponsible attitude of some who do not seem to understand the gravity of the situation. Please grass those who do not seem to show any kind of discipline.
The crisis is such that no words are strong enough to emphasise the degree of the whole tragedy. Lockdown should mean lockdown – there are no two ways about it.

Cllr. George A Savva MBE
Haselbury Ward
Cabinet Member for Licensing and Regulatory Services

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