One patient died of COVID-19 in Cyprus on Friday, bringing the total number of deaths to 179, 120 men (67%), and
59 women (33%) with their median age being 80.

The Ministry of Health announced that 179 people are receiving treatment in state hospitals, 58 of whomare  in a critical condition.
In addition,  9,635 tests were carried out to detect the virus with the PCR method (1,718 tests ) and the antigen rapid test method (7,917 tests) and 122 new infections were reported.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic 29,758 people were infected with the coronavirus.
The person who died on Friday was a man of 82 years of age, who had underlying conditions, and was being treated in Nicosia Hospital`s Intensive Care Unit.

In Famagusta General Hospital there are 61 COVID-19 patients, 63 in Nicosia General Hospital , 53 in Limassol General Hospital and 2 in Makario Hospital in Nicosia.

The 122 new cases were traced as follows: 37 from contact tracing, 31 from private initiative, 10 from samples taken in the Microbiology Laboratories of the General Hospitals, and 44 after testing using the antigen rapid method.

Meanwhile, no cases were found from 187 samples taken at airports and 20 tests done after GP referrals. 

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