Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades, who received on Monday the second dose of the Pfizer – BioNTech vaccine against the coronavirus, conveyed his gratitude to frontline medical personnel and sent a message of patience and hope, saying that once more vaccines are delivered in Cyprus and the greatest part of the population is inoculated, people will be able to experience again moments of normality.

In statements upon his departure from Latsia Health Centre, after having received the second dose of the vaccine, President Anastasiades said that he would like “first and foremost to once more thank and to express my gratitude to the frontline heroes, in every sense of the word, health professionals and everyone, who despite a quite heavy record of hospitalisations, are still standing and have made it possible our country to be considered on of the best in managing the situation.”

At the same time, he added that his thoughts are with everyone who is affected and has had to make financial sacrifices or even sacrifices affecting their personal freedom.

“I wish to send a message of patience, endurance but also hope,” he stressed.

President Anastasiades further pointed out that we are at a stage where vaccines have started being delivered. Certainly, he said, “we are expecting that a greater number (of vaccines) will give us the opportunity to have the greatest part of the population inoculated as soon as possible,” in order to be able experience again moments of normality.

In the meantime, a presidency press release says that immediately after his inoculation the President was asked about the procedure and said that it was “completely painless.”

The important thing, he noted, “is that it is a protection and I urge everyone and we are working in this direction: To have a soon as possible the greatest possible number of vaccines so that by inoculating the population to lift (the measures).” He further explained that it does not mean that the greatest part of the population should be inoculated before measures are lifted but that “at least we need to place under control the country’s health system.”

President Anastasiades also expressed his satisfaction that coronavirus cases have been dropping but said that at the same time he was worried over an increase in the number of people receiving hospital treatment.

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