The number of the sms movement requests sent on Sunday to 8998 in Cyprus were significantly higher than the requests sent on Saturday and Friday.

According to data from the Deputy Ministry of Research and Innovation, on Sunday citizens sent  522,283 requests, of which 505,497 were valid and  497,671 were approved. On Saturday the requests were 497,338, of which 481,729 were valid and 475,084 were approved and on Friday requests amounted to 369,427, of which 357,134 were valid and 353,208 were approved.

In particular, the main reason for which citizens requested permission to go out, amid a lockdown aiming to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in place since January 10, was on Sunday for doing sports, on Saturday and Friday for shopping.

The sms requests approved for going to a pharmacy, visiting a physician or for blood donation or laboratory testing for Covid-19 or for vaccination at the vaccination centres (category 1) were on Friday 28,138, 12,332 on Saturday and  6,037 on Sunday.

The requests approved for going to a shop for essential goods/services, including take away were  (choice 2) were 138,906 on Friday, 189,023 on Saturday and 152,758 on Sunday, while  for going to the bank for transactions not available online (category 3) requests were on Friday 3,966, 1,741 on Saturday and 1,736 on Sunday.

For strictly necessary visits to public services or services of the wider public sector and local authorities (choice 4),
requests reached on Friday 3,738, on Saturday  1,177 and Sunday 1,129, while for helping people who cannot take care of themselves or people who must protect themselves or who are in self-isolation and/or in places of compulsory isolation (quarantine) (choice 5)  22,522 requests were approved on Friday, 34,501 on Saturday and  42,024 on Sunday.

Requests for physical exercise (category 6) were  79,608 on Friday,  142,437 on Saturday and  191.716 on Sunday.

For going to ceremonies (funerals, marriages or christenings) (choice 7) 1.220 requests were approved on Friday, 2.485 on Saturday and 4,818 on Sunday.

For any other reason that may be justified under the lockdown measures (by presenting the necessary proof for each case) a total of 75,110 sms were approved on Friday, 91,388 on Saturday and  97,453 on Sunday.

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