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Cyprus puts in motion procedures to make available drugs used against COVID-19

Cyprus Drugs Committee has decided to put in motion the procedures to make available sufficient quantities of the drugs used to combat COVID-19 in accordance with the recommendations of a consultative committee of experts, Minister of Health Constantinos Ioannou has

Cyprus Policy reforms crucial to backbone sectors performance, UCY’s Economic Research Centre says

Policy reforms towards improved legal and institutional environment are crucial to the performance of the backbone sectors, according to the productivity analysis released today by the University of Cyprus’ Economic Research Centre (ERC).

Based on the analysis, a particularly tough …

Uniforms for healthcare workers arrive from China via Athens

A total of 38 passengers and one thousand uniforms for practitioners treating the coronavirus arrived in Larnaca on Monday night from Athens.

The Cyprus Airways flight repatriated 38 Cypriots who were trapped in European countries for medical reasons.

Those who …

A clinic to handle suspicious cases started operating at Paphos General hospital


A clinic to handle suspicious cases started operating at Paphos General hospital, according to Dr Joseph Moutiris who has undertaken the hospital’s temporary management.

He told CNA that the clinic will be manned on rotation, by pulmonary and heart …

More than 95% of schools in Cyprus are applying long distance learning programmes

More than 95% of the schools all over Cyprus are applying long distance learning programmes, Director of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute Athena Michaelidou has told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), adding that “we are coordinating with Europe and we see

Number of tests carried out by Institute of Neurology in Cyprus one of the highest in the world, Phylactou tells CNA

The number of COVID-19 tests being carried out every day by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics is one of the highest worldwide in relation to the number of the population,  its Chief Executive Medical Director Leonidas Phylactou has

Complaints on the rise in Cyprus about the misuse of Internet in the coronavirus era

There are increased complaints about the misuse of Internet, according to the Head of the Office for Combating Cybercrime & Digital Forensics Lab, Andreas Anastasiades. He urged parents to pay special attention to their children as the Office has received …

Foreign Ministry publishes list of doctors for Cypriots abroad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a list of doctors to facilitate Cypriots abroad, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Special arrangements were made for the UK and Greece, where most Cypriots are located.

According to a relevant announcement, Cypriots in the …

It is with regret that we announce the passing away of our comrade KAMIL AHMET (London)

On 24th March, Kamil (Kiamil) Ahmet, who was living in London, a veteran and comrade in our struggle for peace, freedom, democracy and peaceful coexistence of Greek and Turkish Cypriots, sadly passed away. Kamil Ahmet was a trade unionist and …

The Cypriot government must understand that people and their health are above profits

AKEL has for some days now been raising before the government the issue of ending the operation of supermarkets on Sundays. This is an issue concerning the health and protection of working people in supermarkets, but consumers as well. In …