Cyprus` Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the operation as of Tuesday, March 31, at 1300 hours local time (1000 GMT) of a new online platform “connect2cy” where Cypriots abroad can register and has urged every Cypriot who is abroad to sign up as soon as possible through the website

In a press release the Ministry says that in the midst of a global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the registration of all Cypriot citizens who are abroad is “extremely important as it is expected to enhance the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ability to precisely chart the presence of Cypriots at every corner of the Earth and be in a position during this critical times to offer consular help in an even more effective manner where it is necessary, also through the network of the Republic`s diplomatic missions abroad.”

It adds that through the operation of this new, modern platform which was fast-tracked due to the crisis, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is establishing a channel of communication with users, with the aim of reconnecting Cypriot citizens abroad with their country and to inform them immediately of important matters of interest to them.

For further information and technical support citizens may contact the Ministry through the Crisis Management National Centre at +357 22801000, the press release concludes.

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  1. Marianna says:

    Couldn’t manage to register as I try many time to enter a password for my account, but never got to continue to confirmation of registration, any help??

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