UK Cypriot Nikki Lilly Christou, the 15 year-old YouTuber, presenter and charity campaigner, will become the youngest ever recipient of a BAFTA Special Award at this year’s British Academy Children’s Awards on 1 December at The Brewery in London.
The Special Award celebrates outstanding contribution to children’s media, and this year’s award recognises Nikki Lilly’s work raising awareness of social issues and her inspiration to young people across the world in the face of extraordinary personal challenges.
Nikki Lilly said: “I never thought that at eight years old when I filmed my first video I would be a BAFTA winner. I wanted to show that despite what life throws at you, you can make the most of everyday. I am proud that in my tiny corner of the internet I have been able to give hope, showing people that they are enough and to be proud of who they are, just as I am proud of who I am. This award is not just for me, it’s dedicated to everybody living with any chronic illness and to every single person who has helped me on my journey. Believe you are special. Close your eyes and make a wish…open then and make your dreams a reality.”
Helen Blakeman, Chair of the BAFTA Children’s Committee, said: “In a time where issues affecting future generations have dominated the agenda, Nikki Lilly, a pioneer for her generation, is a very deserving recipient of this award. I am so pleased to see Nikki’s work, and her outstanding bravery and the hopeful message she has spread to so many other young people, to be recognised in this way.”
Nikki Lilly was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation at six years old, a life-threatening medical condition, which has resulted in a visible difference to her physical appearance. She has positioned herself as a media figure with the goal of spreading hope and positivity, using her profile to raise awareness of the condition while inspiring young audiences to stand up against bullying and be proud of their differences.
Lilly began uploading videos to YouTube at the age of eight and has covered a variety of topics on her channel including disability, cyber bullying, mental health, baking and beauty. Her television career began in 2016 when she was crowned the winner of CBBC’s Junior Bake Off, and in the same year she was awarded the Child of Courage award at the Pride of Britain awards.
Lilly has twice been the subject of My Life documentaries, in 2016 with the BAFTA-nominated and International Emmy Kids award-winning Born to Vlog, and in 2018 with I Will Survive. Since 2018 she has been presenting her own BBC show titled Nikki Lilly Meets…, interviewing influential figures such as Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. Lilly has also helped establish a charity dedicated to raising awareness of arteriovenous malformation.
The Special Award is the highest honour at the British Academy Children’s Awards, with past recipients including Clive Juster, Jacqueline Wilson, Peter Firmin, Newsround and the Chuckle Brothers.

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