It’s that time of year when everywhere you go is full of sparkle! Almost every shop you enter has some decoration and sparkles within it, and lots of items to buy, also full of sparkle. The stores are not only overwhelming with their own decorations, but also with endless sparkly furnishings, decorations, ornaments, items of clothing, accessories, nail polish, make up etc. For me it is absolutely fabulous as it is the chance for me to find, fill the home and all around me, with even more sparkle than I normally already have throughout the year. For those that know me well, I love everything bright and sparkly. It makes me happy to look at the world through eyes of sparkle and shine; it makes everything appear beautiful and gives a bright and shiny outlook on life itself. We all know that children love the fantasy within the sparkle world, well some of us just want to retain that beautiful glow and sparkle of hope every day.

As Christmas approaches, for those who are not so daring to sparkle throughout the year, now is the perfect excuse; it’s time to get your glitz on, shimmer and shine as you twinkle over the festive season.

Get those decorations full of glitter and sparkle around the house, and then get yourself some to wear to add that extra finishing touch. You may not be bold enough to wear a dress or outfit full of sequins, but you can wear a top or get some accessories like a bag, shoes, belt, hair accessory or wear some sparkly earrings, a necklace, bracelet or ring – just don’t wear them all at the same time as you may end up competing and resembling a decorated Christmas tree! The idea is to pick out a few items and work them well into your chosen outfit, for example, a simple black dress can be illuminated by sparkly jewellery, along with some shiny hair items, tiara, or hair pins/clip. Add a sparkly bag and that is fine.

A sparkly silver or gold sequined dress would be more than enough on its own and can be complemented with some bold, plain silver or gold jewellery and hair accessories.



Want to keep it a little less, then why not just do some sparkle on nails and make-up? Get some lustre or glittery nail polish as your manicured fingers and pedicured toes go on show. They can be full, or added as a touch of, or part of a French or Italian manicure on the nail tips. For those that like professional gels on hands, but like ordinary nail polish on their toes, are the perfect answer as they do the amazing DND range that have sets with matching gels and nail polish that can be obtained in shiny ‘Silver Dreamer’ or glittery silver ‘Fairy Wings’ and ‘Golden Sahara Star’, as well as many other colours to match your desired clothing.



There are so many eyeshadows and lipsticks full of lustre nowadays, we are actually spoilt for choice. Choose a good quality shadow that doesn’t drop everywhere when trying to apply; A good one will hold well on application as well as through the wearing with good holding power. have the superior professional beauty range of colours in glitter eye and glitter lip palettes, that will make you shimmer all night long.


So get out and don’t forget to radiate your smile and your glow from the inside, as much as you do on the outside.


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x



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