Enfield Council has agreed to plans that will transform two adjacent Edmonton estates, dramatically improving residents’ lives.

Both Joyce Avenue and Snells Park have been earmarked to be redeveloped as part of a multi-million pound regeneration scheme.

At Enfield Council’s Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 6 November, politicians agreed to develop plans for the scheme based on the residents’ vision.  The next phase is to undertake a residents’ ballot on the proposals and progress designs to a planning application.

The project will address concerns raised by residents about the poor quality housing on their estates. These issues include prostitution, crime levels, lack of community space, and a desire for significant investment to be made in the area.

If delivered, the scheme would transform the two estates and provide energy efficient, high quality new homes for existing residents.

Plans will be developed to design out crime and create high quality public open spaces that are safe for children. The project will complement and support ongoing improvements to Angel Edmonton Town Centre.

The Council plans to retain ownership of almost all of the homes in the scheme. The project will deliver hundreds of new council homes alongside hundreds of Council owned homes for rent, managed with long-term tenancies and a local lettings scheme.

A proportion of homes will be allocated to key workers. North Middlesex Hospital has been in conversation with the Council about housing nurses and doctors on the redeveloped estates.

Residents have been involved in developing initial proposals and the redevelopment vision, having raised their biggest concerns about the area. The Council continues to seek views on how the development should proceed.

Enfield Council Leader, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, said: “Residents have told us that their experience of living on these estates is not positive and that they feel this area of Edmonton has been abandoned.

“Every regeneration scheme in this borough should benefit its residents first and foremost and this will be the case at Joyce and Snells with a project led and controlled by Enfield Council.

“Our plans allow every existing resident to have a home on the estate. There will be a new home for all Council tenants, an offer for resident leaseholders and the ability for existing private renters to access new Build to Rent apartments.

“This project is as much about driving standards in the private rented sector, as it is about providing hundreds more Council houses for residents and homes for key workers.”

The redevelopment is subject to support from residents via a formal ballot on the proposals. It will be built on a phase by phase approach allowing the Council the flexibility to react to market conditions or the changing requirements of residents.

This phase by phase approach allows residents to move direct from their old home to their new home as it is completed. The scheme is expected to take 15 years from planning.

The decision is subject to call in.

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