The 12th December 2019 General Election may go down in history as the most important election in more than a generation, that will determine the outcome for our children and grandchildren’s future. This election, although to some it is about Brexit and its consequences if the UK is finally dejected from the European Union, will have an impact in our everyday lives one way or other, whatever the case.
Do we really want the same as the last 10 years under the Tories and the Lib/Dems or do we and truthfully would like a long awaited change to all this? If so, the only choice is to Vote Labour; any other way will be a waste of your vote.
To reinstate the reality, the Tories have made a mess over Brexit. It’s fair to say that Brexit broke the Conservative government and this Conservative government has broken Brexit, and with all this, the country and its people and businesses have been greatly affected. Companies have moved to other countries within Europe and others are currently planning to do the same. In general, the Tories don’t understand what is at stake if Brexit was to happen. The governor of the Bank of England had already declared that when the UK leaves the EU, especially without a trade deal, interest rates will have to go up in order to curb inflation.
Has anyone asked why chain store Mothercare in England has gone into liquidation with the loss of thousands of jobs just before Christmas? And why shops in other parts of Europe are thriving?
The reality is that anyone who is a homeowner, who has a mortgage, will see the cost of their repayments going up. In addition, the cost of living will rise and will make it ever worse for hard pressed families. The Tories do not understand that their incompetence will be a heavy burden for us all. If the Tories manage an overall working government, then Brexit will happen and we have to embrace its serious impact on our livelihoods.
The Labour Party offers a choice to you all. If elected, a Labour government will negotiate a finalised trade deal with the EU. That deal will be put forward in a referendum to the people to have their final say. If that trade deal is rejected then there will be no Brexit, the UK will remain in the EU. The Labour Party’s proposals is both fair and honest and not even the Tories can criticise it.
Therefore it is imperative that the Tories, neither the Lib/Dems, shouldn’t have a foothold to No.10 Downing Street and the only way this could happen is if the Tories manage to win seats including the Enfield-Southgate constituency were Greek Cypriots make the largest ethnic community.
The Tory candidate is a staunch Brexiter and has made his views known in the past when he was an MP, going against the views and concerns of the majority of his constituents who openly opposed Brexit.
Bambos. Charalambous MP is a staunch remainer and has always been advocating for the UK to remain in the European Union. The majority of people in Enfield Southgate voted REMAIN.
Please make no mistake and be under no illusion – this general election, and especially in Enfield-Southgate, is a two horse race between the Tories and the Labour Party.
The Liberal Democrats are also a party advocating to remain but we as a community must vote strategically. The Lib/Dems say one thing and do another; they, along with the Tories are not to be trusted. Therefore, we must and should vote for Bambos Charalambous in order to defeat the Tory candidate. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a wasted vote and will not prevent the Tories in achieving an overall majority.
This election was called by the Tories specifically because they do not have the dexterity to handle Brexit, it is as simple as that. The Tories want to deflect the fact that since 2010, nearly 2 million people are now dependant on weekly food banks to fed themselves. Violent crime has increased by 400% partially due to the closure of hundreds of police stations across the country and 20,000 police officers have been taken off our streets in London alone.

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