This week in Xclusive! Get ready to cosy up and warm your hearts with these new music releases, set to bring a little heat to ease the chill, as we move closer to winter nights!

 Who doesn’t love a man who shows his vulnerability?! Greek singer Sakis Arseniou pours out his heartache in new release “Mi”; a dynamic love song composed by Apostolis Mallias and Giannis Mallias – with tones of pop, rock and modern Greek Laika aesthetics.

 Music star Antonis Remos, follows suit with his own heartbreak tale… After the success of his last single “Edo Kai Tora”, Remos unveils “Ola Ta Dakria”. There’s nothing shy about this song – big, bold instrumentation, powerful emotions and a song that allows his voice to soar. The team behind the track include Vasilis Gavriilides (music), Nikos Maraitis (lyrics) and Giorgos Kivelos (production). “Ola Ta Dakria” will feature on Remos’ forthcoming new album due for release in the next few months.

 Meanwhile, Christos Menidiatis changes tactic! If you’re a mover more than swooner then you’ll love this invigorating, uptempo declaration of affection in “Paratise Ta Ola”! Popular artist, Menidiatis’ delivers an engaging vocal performance in this catchy, Christos Dantis and Nikos Sarris collab. Catch a listen to all these songs in this week’s “Scandalous”!


 That’s all for now. More entertainment and music news coming soon!

Until next time… x Mwah


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