• The Anastasiades government’s institutional and political responsibilities are self-evident
  • A question of ethics and morals arises for the President
  • The President must give a reply about his relations with the Saudi Arabian Sheikh

President Anastasiades has said he will resign if it appears that he used the citizenship-by-investment scheme for selfish purposes or unlawful actions.

AKEL considers Nicos Anastasiades’ grave institutional and political responsibilities as self-evident with regards the poor management of the citizenship-by-investment scheme, which has judging by its results has led to our country being ridiculed internationally.

Whereas the personal involvement of Mr. Anastasiades and the law firm bearing his name in the “golden passports” scheme may not on the one hand point to unlawful acts, it does however raise a serious matter of ethics and morals.

Furthermore, given that Mr. Anastasiades presents himself as ready to resign if he has indeed used the program for self-serving purposes, he must provide an answer as to whether the “Politis” newspaper’s press reports alleging that he made use of the Saudi Arabian’s naturalization by travelling with the Sheikh’s executive Boeing 737 are true.

Citizens also expect him to provide convincing answers about his relations with the Saudi Arabian Sheikh, and in particular whether he traveled privately to the Seychelles on this luxury jet, as “Politis” newspaper also alleges him doing.

Finally, we consider that for any possible criminal responsibilities in relation to the naturalization program, only the Prosecutor General of the Republic has the responsibility to investigate. In any case, there is no confidence whatsoever for an investigation into the government’s handling through the procedures that have been set up by the Anastasiades government itself.

Statement by AKEL Parliamentary Spokesperson Y.Loucaides

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