The Return: Poems, Thoughts, Contemplations, by Nina Katy Spanovangelis, is an anthology of poems, reflecting the life experiences of the author, her many travels, spiritual journeys, inspirations, thoughts, and beliefs, her childhood memories and her revisit to her homeland as a mature adult.

The book is in three parts: Book One Kaleidoscope, Book Two Ode to Cyprus, Book Three – Portraits – Rizokarpasites and Rizokarpasitises. Book One, covers a variety of subjects, from the personal to the universal. Book Two and Three, are about Cyprus, the author’s birthplace Rizokarpasso, and parts of Karpasia as far as Saint Andrew’s Monastery.

Nina Katy has been away from Cyprus for decades, yet, her love and connection with her Cypriot roots is very strong. Books Two and Three, represent part of the Cypriot culture, dialect, history and ancestry, as well as the importance of one’s roots – an integral part of personal identity, therefore, the anthology is of cultural and educational significance.

The poems are written in Greek, with complementary stanzas and verses in English. A few poems are written in the Cypriot dialect, hence the inclusion of a glossary of the Cypriot words.

At a time of renewed questions of cultural identity, the Anthology is relevant to Greek- Cypriots of the Diaspora as well as native Greek-Cypriots. The book will be promoted internationally in the Arts, Culture and Education sectors, thus widening the knowledge of Cypriot cultural heritage, through literature and poetry – a cultural ‘ambassador’ in a form of a book.


About the author

Nina Spanovangelis (CERT. ED., MA, Dip. Perennial Phi.), is an author, poet and fashion technology teacher. After finishing Primary School in her native Cyprus, Nina immigrated to Australia where she completed her high school education. Later in England, Nina studied Fashion and Clothing Technology at the London College of Fashion, beginning her career in London as a Fashion Designer and Pattern Cutting Technologist. Later, Nina trained as a teacher in Further Education, at Thames Polytechnic, teaching for almost 20 years, at the London College of Fashion as well as other prestigious institutions in London. Nina completed her Master’ Degree in Design Studies at Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design, and her Diploma in Perennial Philosophy at the Temenos Academy. From 1993 to 2000, Nina taught in India, at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), under the auspices of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

Nina made seven visits to India teaching in seven major cities, making 36 trips altogether within the country. Nina took every opportunity to blend in with the Indian culture, connecting with the locals at all levels – all life changing, inspirational experiences. Additional highlights were meeting Mother Teresa, visiting the Taj Mahal and the Gandhi Ashram.

Since 2000, Nina has taken up writing. She has published The Colour of Prejudice (2002), a conceptual dance-theatre libretto; she has completed two memoir-type books, all in English, a poetry book in Greek, to be translated in English and Italian. Parallel to these Nina has been working on her Pattern Cutting Books, based on her teaching experiences.

Nina has three children; she lives in London and continues to write.



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