Help us stamp it out on anti-slavery day (18 October 2019)

Modern slavery is the illegal exploitation of people for personal or commercial gain. An unseen crime, it hides in take-aways, hotels, car washes, nail bars and private homes. Victims are trapped in servitude, which they were deceived or coerced into and they feel they cannot leave.

The Global Slavery Index estimated earlier this year that in 2016 there were up to 136,000 victims of modern slavery in the UK. This contrasts with a figure of 13,000 estimated by the Home Office in 2013.

Modern Slavery might not always be obvious, but its exploitation of vulnerable people can be happening all around us and includes;

  • sexual exploitation
  • criminal exploitation
  • forced labour and domestic servitude
  • child exploitation

It happens across the world and UK. It is also happening in Haringey and could even be happening on your own doorstep.

We all have a duty to protect the most vulnerable in our society from these criminals who are willing to exploit them. We must all be vigilant for signs of this happening in our communities and call the Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 121 700 or report online if you see anything amiss. A free Unseen App gives you a short guide to spotting the signs, and enables you to report at the click of a button, while the confidential and anonymous STOP APP allows you to submit suspicions activity quickly by sending text based messages and uploading videos and videos.

You can also call 999 in an emergency or 101 if you have a concern about modern slavery.

Some general indicators

  • Does not appear to carry money but does have a phone
  • Is accompanied by someone who insists on remaining with them at all times
  • Cars/minibuses picking up at unusual times
  • Wearing unsuitable clothing – flip flops in winter/no helmet on a construction site
  • Has no form of ID
  • unusual times and in places where it isn’t clear why they’d be there
  • Avoid eye contact, appear frightened or hesitant to talk to strangers and fear law enforcers for many reasons, such as not knowing who to trust or where to get help, fear of deportation, fear of violence to them or their family.

There are five questions which may indicate that someone is a victim of modern slavery. These are:

  • Are you living the life you expected to live before coming here?
  • Does someone have control of your identity documents or passport and bank card?
  • If you wanted to leave your job or accommodation, would someone stop you?
  • Have you ever been threatened if you do not do as you are told?
  • Are you able to make contact with your family and friends when you want?

(Do not attempt to ask these questions i the person is not alone as it may leave the individual at risk)

For more information visit the Unseen UK website.

If you want to help raise awareness of modern slavery in Haringey, there are a number of ways you can help.

  1. Follow us on twitter @HaringeyCouncil and retweet our modern slavery tweets.
  2. Save the useful apps below on your phone to help recognise and report modern slavery
  3. Download our poster and share on social media
  4. Share the five questions above with friends, family and colleague.


(Please note, the following links will take you to an external site)

Modern Slavery Awareness Booklet

Modern Slavery: a briefing

Help for adult victims of modern slavery

Modern Slavery postersto be downloaded at your leisure

Modern Slavery: a short film

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