Positively happy and content

It is nearly here…. the annual Mind Body Soul Expo takes place this coming weekend at the Great Hall, Alexandra Palace in North London. I am getting myself ready to pass on those positive vibes to others with a couple of dance workshops and I can’t wait! We all know it is not just dance alone, but of course a number of ways and means to help keep up the positivity. At the exhibition there are so many ways to remind us, and teach us in fact how to relax, be calm and switch off, or when it is necessary to lift the mood and spirit to happier vibrations. There are so many ways to do it, but only you yourself will find what method suits you.

So get ready to try some of the free workshops that they have to offer in the experience zone, from dance, hula, yoga, meditation guidance, magnetic therapy, learn how to play the new musical handpan and much more.
Or why not listen to some speakers with their knowledge on feeling great no matter what, with positive attitude, connecting and experiencing a higher power through universal energy. There are talks on healing difficult relationships, letting go, forgiving and moving on.

Let’s face it, it isn’t easy trying to maintain a smiley face, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We are not a drawn on emoji. We are human with lots of hurdles to jump and lots of turbulent emotions to ramble through, but we can sure do our best to help ourselves by making sure the ratio of happy days outweigh the sad days.

So rule number one, is be grateful you are alive. Every day is a gift! It is a blessing after all, as many do not have the privilege of long years.
Even when you have ailments or disorders, find ways to improve the discomfort as best you can. Along with any medication you may have to take, also seek alternative therapies. Sometimes having some faith works side by side with it.
Just because someone appears to look well physically, doesn’t mean they don’t have health issues. Don’t assume they are fine, you just may not know of them.
Do not allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself. Listen to other people’s stories and you may realise you are actually not so bad off after all. The ones with genuine problems of serious ill health or major sadness through traumatic events and losses in their life may make yours feel almost insignificant.
Some people are so selfish and feel so sorry for themselves, that they actually don’t even actually, really listen to anyone else and what others are trying to say. These type of negative people usually cut the other person off quickly in speech, with how it had happened to them or could ONLY happen to them, but of course with worse effect, even if it was the goldfish that died (no offense to goldfish of course as they are also God’s creatures) – In other words, everyone has a story, STOP and LISTEN to it. If you are true to yourself, you will ride with your own problem till the solution or just learning to accept comes to you, however you will appreciate that others are currently going through more severe times.
Not thinking that others are better off than yourself is key. Just because people are smiling on the outside, doesn’t mean they have not been or are not sad from the inside. Some people do not even like to say what they are going through and hold back or may suffer in silence.
Having some faith in whatever you believe in helps will help you get through each day. Choosing your spiritual path and connecting with your higher self gives you the wisdom and knowledge in that whatever has happened, or is currently happening, is for a reason. It is all far beyond what we can possibly imagine or understand at the time, when it is actually happening. However, when we later look back on it, it may be lessons or strengths had to be learned and gained from the negative forces of the time.
We cannot take responsibility for others thoughts and actions, only of our own. We cannot change other people’s thoughts and actions, again we can only change our own perception of thoughts and act accordingly.
Treat each day exactly as a new day; A mystery day tour that will be full of surprises like that of a rollercoaster, some good, bad or rocky, but it will be an adventure. Don’t hold your breath! You can deal with every scary moment, whatever the outcome. Just be bold, daring and imagine you are the winner at the end, no matter what. It doesn’t mean you have to be competitive with others, it just means face the hardships that are thrown your way, to test your strength and faith against all the negative.
Try to do or say something nice to others every day but do it from the heart. It does not mean expensive gifts, it is as simple as giving a little of your time. Do or bake something even for them, that you know they really like. Sometimes a simple compliment can raise someone’s vibrations as you make them feel good about themselves, loved, appreciated and noticed. Do it without any other intention or expectation in return and see what happens naturally unfolds from the universe.
View the world with eyes of empathy. See and feel what others may be feeling inside. Often people act in an aggressive, hateful or bullying manner because of current or past related issues of their own, being protective and in denial of their own torment.
Learn not to hate the person, but merely to hate the actions of bad behaviour. Feel pity that they have to act in such a bad manner. Just remove yourself whenever possible from the association, keep it minimal to avoid retaliation.
Learn how to say exactly the same thing, but with tact and diplomacy. It will confuse some but you will have got your point across in a creative manner.
Finding your way to be happy and content is all down to oneself. You do not need another person or partner to be happy and complete. Learning to rely on yourself to be happy and complete as one first then allows room for someone to be a part and fully appreciate you as you really are.
Learn to be happy with the now, don’t get into the trap with saying “I will be happy when…I get a new job/car/partner…”, just make the best of what you currently have but work towards making the changes. Be happy as you know, you are working and progressing on the stepping stones up towards change.
Find your true self. Get out and find ways to keep you calm and happy. This is what I like about the exhibition, it gives people the opportunity to try different methods that will work for them. There are so many various workshops to try including dance, yoga and meditation. You will also find stands galore with meditation music, books on how to tune into your ESP, and learning to work with your own intuitive insight and listen to it so that it guides you.
There is even a food kitchen with tasty recipes to help feed your mind with the right food fuel. See you there!

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

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