Statement by AKEL-Left-New Forces Parliamentary Spokesperson Yiorgos Loucaides on the Italian energy firm Eni CEO’s statement
The big energy companies only care about their interests and profits, not about international law and the sovereign rights of states
AKEL C.C. Press Office, 11th October 2019, Nicosia

The statement by the CEO of the Italian energy firm “Eni” Claudio Descalzi that his company would not drill off Cyprus if it meant having to deal with warships represents a negative development, given that the message Turkey has understood is that its illegal actions can block the Republic of Cyprus’ energy program.
Even so, this statement shouldn’t have surprised anyone. The big energy companies only care about the interests and security of their profits, not about international law and the sovereign rights of states. Nor should the government have been surprised. The Anastasiades government had been warned by AKEL in advance about all these actions and it should have taken them into account in its plans and declarations so as not to pursue an energy policy based on illusions. Nor would it have remained inactive, in the midst of regressions and contradictions in a way so that we had more than two years of barren passage of time on the Cyprus problem.

Besides, we also had the example that preceded in 2018 when the ENI drilling rig departed when faced with Turkish actions. Nonetheless, the government did not get the messages that action sent. The constant collapse of the illusions they had cultivated in recent years should have made the government ruling forces wiser.

AKEL reiterates that only a solution of the Cyprus problem based on principles that will liberate and reunite our country can guarantee the safest utilization of our country’s natural wealth. That is precisely why the focus today must be on the attempt to resume substantive negotiations on the agreed basis and framework.

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