The screenplay for Shadow Boxer was written by Craig McDonald-Kelly with the story coming from lead actor Chris ‘The Flash’ Evangelou, upcoming star of Guy Ritchie’s new film ‘The Gentlemen’. The film also stars the legendary James Cosmo from Game Of Thrones and Braveheart, and was directed by Ross McGowan.

Ross McGowan, director, “As filmmakers we don’t get to do anything ‘live’, with this we did. Live directing a crowd of 800 people was a huge rush. We managed to find a new and unique way to shoot something, one that benefits the performers and the style hugely.
“The night we shot the film was insane. We had some huge mountains to climb.” Says Craig McDonald-Kelly, writer/producer of Shadow Boxer “I’m a huge fan of the Rocky films and jumped at the chance to write a boxing film for an actual professional boxer, Chris ‘The Flash’ Evangelou.”
SHADOW BOXER is about one man’s fight to get out of his fathers shadow. Evangelou plays Mason Mendoza – the underdog in round 9 of a world boxing championship fight. This isn’t just about one fight, it’s about fighting for your life. Mason has been chasing the middleweight title, chasing success, but more than that he’s been chasing his father’s approval. (Mason’s father is played by the amazing James Cosmo) This film looks at how men can feel abandoned and often put themselves through hell for no good reason. SHADOW BOXER is inspired by true events from Evangelou’s life and career, looking at men’s mental health and teaching the audience a new way to win that fight.
Eddy Royce played by the Scottish legend James Cosmo who’s career spans 50+ years said: “It’s brilliant what these guys are doing. I’ve never worked on anything like this before.”
Deadline Films UK are an independent productions company who began in 2017. Winning multiple awards and being accepted into festivals worldwide. Founded by Craig McDonald-Kelly & David Hepburn then joined by Ross McGowan in 2018 all as Co-directors of the company.
SHADOW BOXER will be hitting festivals worldwide towards the end of 2019.
Chris Evangelou and Deadline Films Uk would also like to mention and thank their sponsors, Connect Lettings and Ioseph Bridging Co Ltd for coming on board and supporting the film and everyone involved.

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