Brothers Mike and Antoni Christou, who own KC Prime steakhouse in Warrington, Bucks County, are headed five minutes south on Route 611 to the Shops at Valley Square for their second restaurant, Árdana, whose menu will be Mediterranean though inspired by Cyprus.

Ardana, which Mike Christou said will open sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, is named after the Cypriot village where their grandmother grew up.

Christou says the approach will be small plates (aka mezze) and will be “upscale-casual,” opposed to the more luxe KC Prime’s. Chef Nic Servis’ menu will include more familiar Italian dishes such as wood-fired pizza and house-made pasta.

Architect Niko Kotopoulos of Nest Studios and Diana Schwartz from DVS Interiors are working inside with fresh greenery and a giant Meyer lemon tree in the center of the dining room.

It’s worth noting that Warrington has been defying the odds among local “highway towns,” as it’s attracting new independent restaurants, rather than chains. Ardana will replace a Melting Pot, and newcomers include The Lucky Well and a more refined version of Pat’s Select.

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  1. Marios Georgiou says:

    Μπορώ να εχω την διευθυνση του εστιατορίου και το ονομα του ιδιοκτητη ;
    Ειμαι και εγώ απο το ιδιο χωριό της γιαγιας and we have the same roots
    Marios Nathanael Georgiou

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