DISY yet again identifies itself with the extreme right of Europe

Almost all the political forces of the European Parliament (Left, Greens, Social Democrats, Liberals-RE), humanitarian organizations, even the former President of the European Commission himself, Jean-Claude Juncker (who comes from the European People’s Party) are reacting fiercely to the decision taken by the new President of the Commission to integrate immigration, asylum and security issues into a portfolio entitled “Protecting the European Way of Life”.

As most people in Europe have understood, this decision refers to the rhetoricand logicof the extreme-right, which considers immigrants and refugees as representing a threat to the way of life, culture and security of Europe. This is a xenophobic logic that is contraryto multiculturalism, solidarity and anti-racism that should characterize Europe.

The reply of ruling DISY party via its MEP Mr. Lefteris Christoforou to the position expressed by AKEL MEP Nyiazi Kizilyurek, who is also the coordinator of the Group of the Left in the Committee on Education and Culture, proveshow far away DISY is from the widely-advertised European liberalism. The governing DISY party fully endorses the new name of the portfolio with all the xenophobic logic it conceals.

But why is DISY attacking the Left and not commenting on the position expressed by Mr. Juncker? One wonders, does DISY consider Juncker, Amnesty International and the majority of the European Parliament “Eurosceptic”, apart from the ultra-right and the fascists with whom it agrees?

DISY is not even included among the voices from the centre-right spectrum which disagrees with the new logic Commission is imposing. DISY has once again revealed itself through its actions, yet again identifying itself with the European ultra-right, with the most extremist xenophobic forces of the continent of the Orban-Salvini type.

Evidently, this identification with the ultra-right is a conscious ideological choice.

Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Stefanos Stefanou

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