The European Commission is set to release €7.9 million for Cyprus` rural development programme.

The amount was initially withheld pending intermediate targets that needed to be met, an announcement by the Cyprus Press and Information Office issued on Monday says.

From the beginning of the programming period over €105 million have been disbursed and payments are expected to intensify in the coming months, given that important investments are implemented this period on the part of beneficiaries, it continues.

A number of measures has been announced and tenders are ongoing such as forestry measures, cooperation measures and LEADER measures, the press release adds.

At the same time, Cyprus` Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment plans to open again a measure on investments in agricultural and farming units for a total amount of €10 million.  This second tender will be targeted on specific weaknesses or needs such as strengthening mountainous regions or managing agricultural waste and protecting water resources, the press release says.

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