Children will receive free cycling lessons in both primary and secondary schools as part of a major new scheme from Enfield Council designed to make a significant contribution towards making the borough carbon neutral by 2030.

The announcement was made at the inaugural meeting of Enfield Council’s Climate Change Task Force on Tuesday (24 September). The policy will encourage young people to use more sustainable forms of transport and give them the skills and confidence to ride safely around the extensive segregated cycleways provided by the borough’s ambitious Cycle Enfield programme

The lessons will see all children in specific year groups in primary and secondary school receiving the sessions.

The Climate Change Task Force is chaired by the Deputy Leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Ian Barnes, and made up of Council officers, councillors and the borough’s young mayor and deputy mayor, Okan Gurhan and Christevie Ngoma. It will deliver on the Council’s climate change declaration and pledge, signed by Cabinet in July.

Cllr Barnes said: “Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time and the issue which most concerns people across the planet. We absolutely must, and we absolutely will do whatever it takes in Enfield to play our full part in reducing the impact of our actions on the planet and its eco-systems.

“As Greta Thunberg shames world leaders at the UN climate action summit, here in Enfield we have taken the strong and decisive action that this emergency requires with the formation of the Climate Change Task Force.

“Our Task Force will build on the progress we have made in recent years and help Enfield Council introduce a wide range of initiatives which will both improve our residents’ quality of life while helping tackle climate change. 

“The roll out of free cycle training across primary and secondary schools is just the start and will play an important role in reducing reliance on cars. It is the first of many new initiatives we intend to introduce as we encourage residents to play their part in considering what they can do to reduce the impact of their actions on the environment.” 

The task force will also look at areas such as – physical supply chain, Council operations and buildings, staff, residents, landscape, commercial and community tenants and investing in/building renewable energy. It will continue to work with residents and staff, and organisations such as Extinction Rebellion and Divest Enfield to deliver its aims and plans to set up a Citizen’s Assembly to help advise on its goals.

The actions of the Climate Change Task Force will appear on Enfield Council’s website. 

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    how do we get our pupils onto the cycle enfield programme ? I each in a secondary school in enfield.
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