Hotel and tourism associations in Cyprus express concern over the implications of a hard Brexit for the industry, noting that bookings have virtually stopped while the situation remains in flux.

Harris Loizides, Cyprus Hotel Association (CHA) President, told CNA that the British market appears “reserved” while “there are no more bookings for 2020.” The British market, which is also the biggest for Cyprus’ tourism, is going through one of its biggest crises, he added.

Asked about the prospects for 2020, Loizides said that there is already immense pressure to lower the prices, he said however that he could not predict the impact on the number of tourist arrivals next summer.

According to CHA President, studies measuring the possible impact of Brexit on the industry were conducted a year ago, but they need to be updated in light of the latest developments.

He also said that the Association is taking part in information gatherings, in cooperation with the British High Commission and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in order to complete a round of contacts with various bodies before drawing up a final action plan.

CHA is in constant contact with the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and the Foreign Ministry, as well as major tour operators in the UK, in order to predict potential problems that may arise, Loizides concluded.

Akis Vavlitis, the President of the Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises (ACTE) said from his part that a no deal Brexit will not just affect Cyprus, but also other major tourist destinations, such as Spain, Greece, Italy and France.

“Everything depends on how Britain leaves the EU and what the climate will be” in the first months after Brexit, Vavlitis told CNA. He added that “the situation is in flux” while compared to last year, things seem to be more “reserved.”

ACTE President also noted that trends in hotel reservations ahead of the next season will become more obvious from November onwards, when people in Britain usually start booking their holidays. The major tourist fair in London, in the beginning of November, will also provide an indication of what to expect, Vavlitis concluded.

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