He was eventually discovered in the Turkish occupied part of northern Cyprus living under a fake name.

Charles Riddington, a 37-year-old from Orpington better known as Charlie, was finally convicted of murdering a man in 2016 after a trial at the Old Bailey held on Thursday (September 5)

George Barker died on November 14 at the ‘Double K Gym’ in Stable Lane, Bexley. When he arrived at 9.35am, Riddington and three other men were already there.

Police were told that Riddington confronted his victim and then attacked, punching and repeatedly stabbing him as he tried to flee through the gym.

Riddington was quickly identified as a suspect but searches at address he had used quickly revealed he had been living under an alias for more than a decade.

Police found passports and a driving license all in the name of Barry Ryan, as well as a stun gun and CS spray.

It was then discovered that, using his fake identity, Riddington had been able to leave the country from Manchester Airport, heading to Dusseldorf.

He was now believed to be a fugitive in Europe, a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) was issued and, in August 2018, justice finally caught up with Riddington in northern Cyprus, where he was arrested as part of a local investigation.

He had been living under another fake name, Ricky de Bruin, with a Namibian passport.

He was deported to southern Cyprus and further arrested under the EAW on behalf of the MPS on October 12. He was returned to the UK on November 8 and appeared at Thames Magistrates’ Court the next day.



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