Conservative councillors on Barnet’s Environment Committee (11 Sep) have forced through a permit scheme for Barnet Hospital staff in a new Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in streets around the hospital in Underhill. The scheme and the CPZ have not been reviewed with a proper consultation to date.

In September 2018, the Controlled Parking Zone was established in some of the roads around Barnet Hospital to the south of Wood Street. The Council is required to review the operation of the scheme after six months, but roads to the north of Wood Street were added in December 2018.  The review was due in June 2019 but no review has taken place.  The hospital scheme grants hospital staff 100 permits which can be used within the CPZ, which reduces the number of spaces available for residents. Underhill Labour councillors, Tim Roberts and Paul Edwards, have received numerous complaints from residents and local businesses, and have been pressing for a date for the review, but the Conservative Council has vacillated over a concrete action plan to resolve the issues.

Cllr Paul Edwards speaking at last week’s Environment Committee meeting said: “This proposal has never been discussed with local Underhill Councillors. It is premature, contributes nothing to resolving the real concerns of local residents and council tax payers’ as well as local businesses and should be delayed until the Council have completed the review of the CPZ that it has promised local residents on numerous occasions over the past year. We are sympathetic to the needs of hospital staff, but this proposal will do nothing to eradicate the problems for residents.  Given that Hospital staff will have to pay for their own permits there is no incentive for them to stop parking for over 12 hours per day free of charge with the ‘knock on’ difficulties encountered by Underhill residents.”

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