Vacation or Staycation Whether you choose to take some time out to go away abroad or take yourself to some destination away from home in your own country of residence, a break is essential for recharging those batteries. Taking a well-earned break helps alleviate depression and creates a positive emotional state. Of course it is not long term, but whenever possible, even a little break can work wonders. It has been found that those who vacationed twice a year are less prone to suffering from stress and depression than those who vacationed less than once in two years.

So those well-earned breaks are essential for well-being. Some are happy just to go to a place of different scenery, others need some sunshine and some of us crave the sea. As I am not one for swimming pools with all the chlorine and chemicals, the pure and natural sea glistening with some glorious sunshine and the golden sands, works beautifully for me.

This is enough to make me feel alive and glow with fresh thoughts and ideas in planning next project events. A lot of my writing is done by the sea where my thoughts are clear and fresh like the air itself. So whether you choose to stay in your original country of where you reside, or venture to another country, just being in different scenery and being away from your usual routine is what counts.

It is the ability to refresh and recharge the mind and body, doing the things you love to do or want to try and do, or the things that you do not normally get the chance to do. There are so many different types of holidays you can select from nowadays, from clubbing, Salsa, Yoga, Pilates, martial arts, horse riding, whatever your interests, there are holidays that are specifically suited to you and your needs. The main thing is that you just get to do what gives you enjoyment and to switch off from all else. If you are fortunate enough to go to a hotel and be catered for, where you do not have to do the daily cooking, this in itself is also a rest. For others who are so busy working that they do not get to enjoy and indulge in the pleasure of good, wholesome, home cooked food, a staycation at home or staying in a different place somewhere allows this. Just being able to be in your own time. It is the time allocated for purely just taking some time out for you.

If I can combine work and pleasure at the same time then that suits me, as I am still doing what I enjoy, like that of performing dance or writing at my own leisure. It is pleasurable, yet good for my mind and well-being also; providing there are no time demands, it is good and works with me.

If it happens that I am near and around people that I cherish, then what a bonus! Being around people that you love and make you happy is another extra plus of course. So whether you decide to go with them or go and meet with them, stay with them is again your own choice, but it is the point of being around them and enjoying their company. Making sure there is lots of laughter, be it with friends or family, being around those that give you joy will revive your soul to make you feel good. Sharing good times creates memories.

It is important to create these memories as it is these memories that will put a smile on your face even when you are in your own thoughts back in your ordinary routine. Taking some pictures of your favourite times and putting them in a visible place to be seen regularly will help you feel refreshed and make you look forward to more good times ahead with who or where you want to be again another time. Even the odd weekend away, here and there is good for you. Lots of mini breaks are better than not having any breaks at all. Appreciating new sounds, visual surroundings, sensations, foods, tastes and smells, spark different synapses in the brain; challenging the mind helps the mind to keep active away from the general routine. Have all your luxuries with you that you enjoy, be it your music, dancing shoes, kindle, book, sketch pad or whatever it is, but remember to let your mind go and be happy. Love and Sparkles Samsara x

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