British former boxer Ricky Hatton currently holidaying in Mykonos was floored on Monday morning when he woke up to a hefty dinner bill, realising spent €920 (AU$1,514) on one piece of steak.

Hatton posted the bill on his Instagram page, writing: “Just woke up this morning in a puddle of tears. That’s what you get for being a fat greedy little s***.”

But what the bill reveals is that it was no ordinary steak.

Hatton spent €920 on a Kobe ribeye steak – wagyu that is a delicacy from the Tajima strain of Japanese black cattle. Raised in Japan’s Hyōgo Prefecture, producers have uncompromising regulations for its cattle, with only 3,000 head of cattle qualifying as authentic Kobe cattle each year. In Australia, the cost of Kobe beef starts at $620 per kilo.

Hatton later claimed that he had ordered the meal without looking at how much it cost.

When his girlfriend, Charlie found out she “just started laughing”.

Also on the bill was a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne for €490 (AU$806), as well as a number of other items, with the total bill coming to AU$3,160.

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