Once the market leader in Mediterranean foods – Bevelini has made a much-wanted return to UK stores. The premium ingredients brand is launching with a range of 38 high quality products which includes olives, olive oils, beans, pulses and condiments. Additionally, the brand has introduced a new range of seasonings which includes oregano and Mediterranean seasoning.

Since the early 90’s, Bevelini has been synonymous with the finest in Mediterranean foods. Its unwavering passion for quality and a mission to champion the benefits of foods from the region, led it to become one of the UK’s leading Mediterranean food suppliers.

 The brand is returning with the same high-quality ingredients, but with a fresh modern look and a revitalised mission: to make customers happy, promote a healthy diet and champion the very best in Mediterranean ingredients.

 You can find out more about the brand and its range of products at Bevelini.com or email [email protected].

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