The President of the Republic, in his address to the public, was negligent, unprepared, contradictory and not ready to propose specific and substantiated positions, AKEL Political Bureau member Aristos Damianou noted speaking to “Astra” radio.

Commenting on the President of the Republic’s address and interview yesterday, A. Damianou said that AKEL will continue to pursue a policy guided by seriousness on the handling of the Cyprus problem and will not follow the President’s negligent policy

He pointed out that AKEL is warning that the procedure initiated by President Anastasiades will potentially lead the Cyprus problem to a derailment from the UN procedure, suiting those, including Turkey, who do not want a federation in Cyprus and who might be satisfied with the so-called “second best” solution, namely the perpetuation of the status quo.

A.Damianou described as dangerous the fact that at the time as the UN Secretary-General expects a reaffirmation of what happened at Crans Montana, the President is putting forth new vague ideas on the table, without the sense of urgency, implying that he himself does not comprehend the messages being conveyed by the international community and head of the United Nations himself.

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