A total of 31,200 kgs of mixed garbage and 18,600 kg of recyclable materials were collected during the “Let`s Doi It!Cyprus campaign“ which took place last April island wide, 46,185 volunteers were involved in the campaign and the spots which were cleaned were more than 500.

The results of the campaign were presented on Thursday evening at a special event where awards were given to organized groups which excelled in competitions or during the cleaning campaign.

Environment Commissioner Ioanna Panagiotou under the auspices of whom  the campaign is taking place, the Commissioner for Volunteerism Yiannis Yiannakis and the Deputy Chief Executive of CYTA Michalis Achilleos, addressed the event. On behalf of the “Together Cyprus” Network, Andreas Aggelis, presented the results and spoke about the future actions to take place.

Awards and honorary prizes were given to organized groups, schools and other organizations for their actions in raising awareness and actively participating in the campaign.

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