It is starting to get cold outside which means we will need to step up the daily moisturising routine in a big way. In the summer, providing you haven’t been in the swimming pool or sea every day, you may have noticed your body produces a lot of natural oil as there is usually an increase in sebum production accelerated by the heat, humidity and sunshine. When one perspires, the active sweat glands rev up the sebum oil glands so the more perspiration, the more oil. When it is humid, it will also just sit there.

In the winter, with less sunshine, perspiration and heat, you will feel that your skin seems dry, possibly even itchy due to the excessive dryness. This may cause it to be flaky and often made worse, due to scratching and even the rubbing from the more layers of clothing to the skin.

In the winter months when the air is drier, the moisture on the skin gets soaked up by the environment and a lot of moisturising will be required to keep the skin soft.

So which moisturiser? Well it all depends on how much you need. If your skin seems to need just a little moisturising, without it needing to soak and absorb lots, then you should go for a lotion rather than a thicker cream. As an example, let’s take Nivea. It comes in a lotion form or it comes in a thicker consistency cream form in a tub. The one in the tub will take longer to rub in and feel absorbed into the skin and leaves an oilier feel compared to the lotion that will be absorbed quickly giving instant moisture hydration that may feel as though it wears off quicker also. There are also some lotions that will still leave an oily and replenished feel so shopping around and finding one that suits you is best. I tend to have quite a few different ones and use according to how I feel my skin is at the time and what intensity of moisture is required.

Moisturise daily straight after your shower and also throughout the day as needed. Try not to allow skin to get to dry flaking point.

With such a great array of lotions and potions on the shelf in all the stores, there is really no excuse for us to leave our skin thirsty for moisture. You can even use pure oils like grape seed or coconut oil, but do not apply and then put your clothing straight on as you will find that the oil will NOT come out and can stain your clothing. This may happen even with some moisturising creams so be careful and work accordingly.

Some good ones to try are Nivea soft moisturizing cream or lotion, Vaseline intensive care, Dove instant hydration, Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion, Garnier Body intensive 7 days and Dermatological E45 moisturising lotion which is especially good for sensitive skin.

Keep your skin soft and happy!


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x

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