Seventy-eight years have passed since the heroic “NO” of the Greek people. The response of the Greek people to fascism in the historical context of that period is a monument of honor and a reference point in humanity’s modern history. 28th October, which symbolizes this moment of heroism, and as such, remains a symbol of humanity’s struggle against fascism and Nazism. The message sent to the whole world by the heroic struggle of the Greek people against fascism was that Hitler-Fascism was not invincible. The struggle against the Italian fascist war machine and subsequently the glorious struggle of the National Resistance 1941-44 have taken their place in the long history of the Second World War and the final victory of the peoples against the monster of Nazism and fascism.

AKEL expresses its admiration for all those who fought and sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the homeland and the defeat of fascism, among them thousands of Cypriot volunteers too. We solemnly pay tribute to the volunteers of AKEL, who responded enthusiastically to the call issued by our Party and fought Hitler-Fascism in Greece, Europe and North Africa. The decision of the Central Committee of AKEL, in June 1943, to call on the members of the Party to voluntary enlist in the ranks of the Alliance forces represents a source of immense pride for our Party.

Today, when fascism is once again rearing its head, both in Cyprus and throughout Europe, the messages conveyed by the epic struggle of 1940 are becoming even more topical. The attempts to pardon or worse vindicate fascism, such as the attempts to equate fascism with communism constitute a vile distortion and falsification of history and a shameful act by those who undertake such actions. AKEL rejects these unhistorical and dangerous approaches.

On the occasion of the national anniversary of 28th October, AKEL salutes THE volunteer combatants of the Second World War and the fighters of all our people’s democratic and anti-fascist struggles. AKEL also sends a warm greeting to the Greek people and wishes that through its struggles it will overcome the current difficult situation.

AKEL C.C. Press Office, 27 October 2018, Nicosia

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