After 43 years, CMP have confirmed the identification of the remains of Pavlos Solomi Tziortzi and his son Solomis Pavlou Solomi, who were found in a grave in Galatia Lake in Karpas.

The father and brother, along with the whole family the wife and mother Panayiota and the daughter and sister Christina (Christina Pavlou Solomi Patsia), were taken from their home in Komi Kebir by some armed Turkish Cypriots from their village on the 15th August 1974, to the village of Galatia.
The women were brought back to the village the same day. But the men where left in Galatia with the promise of the great officer (Pasias) that in three days they would be send back home. Since then they have been missing.

The family learned from information that they were killed on the 19th-20th August in revenge of the killings in the villages of Maratha, Santalari and Aloa in Mesaoria after the coup by members of EOKA B.

The first information about the second grave came to CMP officials in 2005 with the help of the Turkish Cypriot investigative journalist Sevgul Uludag.
Since 2008, excavations have being taking place again and again in the Lake of Galatia, and in April 2017, after the informers insisted on their information the grave was found with six people in it.
Among them were Pavlos Solomi Tziortzi and his son Solomis Pavlou Solomi.

Bone identification with the DNA method was done in December 2017.

The wife and mother Panayiota Solomi and daughter and sister Christina Pavlou Solomi Patsia thank all those who gave information and worked to find and identify the remains of their beloved ones.

The funeral is scheduled to be on the 3rd of March 2018.

More information about the funeral will be posted later!

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